The cost of going to Canada…

One thing that I keep reading through the process of applying to go to Canada is blogs about how travel doesn’t have to cost a lot and that it is a common misconception that it will break the bank.  I have to say I wholly disagree.  I have always fancied doing something like going aborad to live elsewhere for a period of time, but the cost and the hassle of renting out my house has always deterred me.  What has been different now?  I dont know.  For whatever reason, at this time in my life, it felt like a feasible task.  On the whole, I am massively impressed with how much research and saving and organising I have done since I made the decision in October to apply for a Working Holiday in Canada.  I do wish that there had been a blog outlining all the costs though that I could have read at the beginning.  So, here it is.  Having a house to sort out has incurred extra costs for me, but this is most of it….

  • IEC stage 1 – £80
  • IEC stage 2 – £50
  • Flight – £341
  • Flight upgrade (for seat selection, priority boarding, seat comforts etc) – £40
  • Police check – £53
  • International driving licence – £10
  • Travel insurance – £450
  • Smart serve certification (to serve alcohol in Ontario) – £20
  • Robust new suitcase with holdall – £70
  • Gas safety certificate for the house – £35
  • Electrical safety certificate – £96
  • Electrical repairs – £118
  • Letting agent fees (inc. inventory) – £355
  • Landlord insurance – £180
  • EPC for the house – £50
  • To cancel my car insurance early – £40 admin fee

I have also booked 2 weeks with Air BnB for £300, 1 night elsewhere for £15, 2 nights in a hostel for £38 and 2 nights in a hotel at Niagara Falls for £93.  I havent included the phone bill for ringing Toronto about a job, I’ll just say, don’t do it!

I am very grateful to some lovely friends, family and work colleagues for not just giving me a brilliant send off at the barn party, but also Canadian dollars to take!  I know that it will all be worth it and I cant wait to do all the exciting things I have planned!  Looking back at this kind of makes me proud how much I did manage to cut back… I am now ready to feel the rewards of saying no to the nights out, having the cheaper things on menus and not buying rubbish I dont need.  After numerous debates in our office over the years about different kinds of loo roll, I must confess, I even switched to the dark side and purchased own brand.   A certain money saving expert/ pint sized princess will be proud to hear I took on board this advice!  

Reading back over this and thinking about the past few months,  I have realised that whilst I have saved and been careful, I have actually still enjoyed nights outs, been a frequent visitor to Nandos, kept up my gym and pole fitness memberships and purchased quite a lot of reading material on bears!!!!  I have always had a busy social life and dont feel like my cutting back has in any way stopped the fun.

Less than 24 hours to go, which country will my next blog be posted from?  Your guess is as good as mine….



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