Last day at home

Tomorrow morning is good bye to another home.  It seems as though it was only yesterday I moved out of my house and back in with the parents and now it is my last night before we head off to Brighton (well, Hove actually) for a couple of nights before the ‘big journey’.  Actually, the drive tomorrow is almost as long as my flight will be on Friday!

In my head, moving back to the farm would be a month of family time, playing on the farm, walking the pony, going for walks on the moors etc.  In reality, the last month has flown by and I have had very little time to do much other than run around like a mad thing trying to see people and attempt to still get to the gym now and then.  

I had the best day on Sunday – my Birthday and leaving party.  The preplanned outdoor BBQ and camping had a swift change of plan due to the good old British weather and Dad and I transformed the barn into a party play area.  I say Dad and I… mostly Dad – cleaning out the cow poo and pressure washing was a mammoth task, one that I can take no credit for whatsoever!  I am pleased that Shirley the sheep attended, and I even dressed her up (sprayed her) with a lovely red polka dot outfit!  Parents were ace, bringing food directing random guests and even rescuing one who did not heed the advice about sensible footwear and finding her some wellies!

I was absolutely chuffed to bits with how many of my lovely friends came to the party – there was music, there was dancing, there are photos, there are videos!  I will watch the videos and look at the pics on my travels and remember a fantastic night!  Two days later and I have to say I am still not feeling brilliant!  And everytime I look at the memories, I giggle!  I didnt manage to get nice pictures of everyone, but this can be a priority for the homecoming party!  Either that, or they have an excuse to come and visit!

 Today has been another busy one, sorting out last minute bits and pieces.  Repacking the suitcase and packing my last bits up to go into storage.  Nails are freshly shellac-ed and hand luggage and two hold cases are ready for boarding.  Said goodbye to my handsome little cat which was the hardest part so far.  I know I will have him back when I return and my next door neighbour will look after him well, but he has been by my side through a lot for the past 9 years and I cant remember life without him.  Breakfast on the Barbican for Dads birthday at the Boathouse Cafe was a nice treat after saying goodbye to Mr Jinx.  I have said goodbye to Shirley the Sheep who went off to her new home this afternoon (still wearing polka dot!) and read through all my lovely cards.  All that is left to do is locate the kitten and hope she is up for some bedtime cuddles.



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