IEC Jargon

It occurred to me that all of us IEC visa hunters have formed a unique group of people that no others can fully understand. Not only the stress, anxiety, excitement, unending researching, frustration and emotional rollercoasters, but the jargon.  People ask me often how the process is going and what I have left to do and I find myself wanting to say that I was sucessful in gettig a WTN, paid and got NOR and my CAL last week, so I am just waiting for my POE and then I need to think about ESTA and a SIN number.  I think that at the end we should all get temp jobs in an IEC call centre to help support the next batch of hopefuls, until they too become jargon using IEC obsessives!

I love how interested everyone is and its great they are keen to follow the process with me, though I did find myself trotting out the same explantory robot speech for the leyman. No doubt those around us are hoping for a day when they can talk to us and make idle chit chat and gossip over tea and cake without our brains being clouded by the desire for a POE! Should I tell them that when that day comes, the POE space will be filled with IM GOING TO CANADA !? 


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