Moving house

The deed is done.  I have now officially moved in with my parents.  

I found the whole weekend to be incredibly difficult and sad.  I have been in my lovely little house for nearly 9 years.  No matter what else has occurred in my life, the constants that have remained have been me and Mr Jinx in the house.  Boyfriends, friends, jobs, hobbies and habits have all come and gone, but through it all, I have always had cuddles in my very own bricks and mortar with the four legged.

On Friday after box moving and a doubles pole class, Mr Jinx and I spent the evening together.  I took the Mylo to the farm earlier in the day.  The housemate went away for the weekend and it was spent with me eating junk food and him eating fresh chicken breast I bought for him.  Lots of cuddles.  Everytime I think about leaving him I feel devastated.  He is sleeping by my side as I type.

The moving itself was incredibly tiring, stressful and draining.  Boxes out and unloading into the barn come storage unit (or Lock Up as Dad enjoys calling it), carpets cleaned and whole house cleaned from top to bottom.  My bedroom has been somewhat like the carpet bag that Mary Poppins had and a weird amount of stuff has fitted in.  I have been taken back to my teenage years finding myself hiding cigarettes that I brought back from Bulgaria  last year.  It is ridiculous that I feel the need to do this!  At 28, if I want to smoke when I drink, I shouldnt feel I have to hide it.  Although, saying this, I am reminded of my friends 40th birthday party – friends and family – where she was sneaking out of parents sight to smoke!

It is amazing how one persons 28 years worth of life and 9 years worth of house stuff can just be put into boxes and locked away into one room.  And now, although it is only for 6 weeks, I do have to wander how it will be living with parents again….. watch this space….  

Goodbye Highfield, x


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