Bournemouth for the weekend: a review

I seem to have been here, there and everywhere lately!  In a week, I have spent days working in Exeter, Newton Abbot and today in Shaftesbury.  Last weekend, I went to Bournemouth to see the legend that is Jimmy Carr with the housemate.  I thought it time to sit down and stop rushing around for a minute and also wanted to share my experience of Bournemouth….

First time in Bournemouth.  It was lovely.  So lovely in fact that the housemate has decided she wants to live there!  After a nice road trip in the sunshine, we faced that nervous moment of arrival at the hotel.  We stayed at The Arlington.   Billed as a two star – incorrectly in my opinion.  £60 for a twin room for 1 night and a full cooked breakfast was includeded.  The room was small, but nice, clean and modern (lots of independent hotels are nice but dated).  We had a nice view over a park and the staff were incredibly helpful. There was even a little bar for a drink after we got back from the show.   One thing  that did strike me (that is neither good  nor bad, just amusing) is how many mirrors there were!  We had 7 in our room!

Dinner – the lady in the hotel recommended a few places and we chose Sixty Million Postcards because we liked the name!  A couple of minutes from the hotel and we couldnt see it.  Obviously we asked Wonderwoman.  Wonderwoman looked suspiciously like a man  in fancy dress, but he/ she observed we were actually stood outside with our back to it looking around for it!  Doh.  I am not  normally a big fan of burgers… I see them in diner type places and order them, then always feel disappointed.  I fell into the trap again and, for the first time, was not disappointed!  IMMENSE burger – chicken, peanut butter, cheddar cheese and mushroom with just the right amount of skinny chips.

Off to the venue – Bournemouth International Centre.  5 minutes if that from our hotel.  Have seen Jimmy Carr many many times before live and this time was just as funny as ever.  I just love his brand of constantly telling joke after joke after joke, dealing with hecklers and pushing the boundaries.  I must confess that they have to be a little bit wrong to appeal to my sense of humour.  Dont get me wrong, I enjoy Michael McIntyre and many others, but they are no JC!

On the Sunday, we had our fry up and took a nice long walk in the sunshine along the beach.  It was a real delight.  One of those occasions that you just never want to end – content, happy and carefree in those moments.

On the way home, we found a Farm Shop to peruse.  I love a farm shop!  Can spend ages just mooching about and then spending a fortune!!  Pasta sauce, some cards and some gifts for birthdays coming up purchased and we were off home.  

In summary, if you are after a weekend away, I would definitely say that Bournemouth is the place to go!


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