Preparing for employment

This week, I had my first experiences speaking with real life Canadians.

1.  I completed the Smart Serve qualification.  To serve or prepare alcohol in Ontario, you need to complete this online training course.  I found the whole experience really easy, the website was easy to navigate and at the end I had to connect to a Canadian dude via a webcam process (again, I just pressed a button and it all worked) to take a 35 question test.  I am pleased to say I passed!  As I currently work in the field of drug and alcohol addiction, I dont think I could have faced the shame of not passing!  It costs $39.49 and I think is well worth having to give me more employment options.  Click here to go to their website.

2.  I managed to speak with a lady who works with addictions and offenders in Toronto.  As this one was a telephone contact, I got the full Canadian experience.  The first thing that tickled me was that in the process of getting through to her, everyone I spoke to said ‘sure’ alot.  She was really lovely and helpful and gave me contact details for who to speak with nearer to when I go to Toronto to see about visiting the service and volunteering/ applying for a job.  This was really positive and I feel like I have a good starting point for when it is time to actually start applying for jobs and speaking with employers.  Another thing that amused me with the accent is how we would say the word ‘remand‘ almost like ‘rimand‘ and she pronounced it ‘ree-mand’.  I love accents and fear that I may not actually get anything done over there as I will be too busy being entertained by Canadian accents!


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