Candian food review #1 – Kraft Dinner

I have previously written about the different Candian foods I want to try when I get to Canada.  Well, I have been a little premature with this having spotted a Kraft Dinner in Tesco in the foreign food aisle.  It was basically like a short pot noodle.  Microwaveable in 3.5 minutes and super easy.  Now, if you like cheese singles, this is definately the dinner for you.  I happen to love cheese singles!  It tasted how I would imagine it tastes to melt Kraft cheese singles and mix them with pasta.  The first few mouthfuls, I wasnt 100% sold I have to say – I kind of thought, well it is nice, but it is just cheesy pasta.  By the end, I was sold.  I returned to Tesco the following day and had it two nights running.

In summary, an excellent Canadian offering.  Two downsides – 1.  It is deifnately not filling to have as a meal, more a light snack and 2.  In the UK it cost me £2.50 (to any Canadians that see this, that is over $5 – what do they charge for them over there?).

My mouth is now watering and I wish I had another.  Alas I am back on the diet train in an attempt to fit into clothes that no longer fit, and also saving money for my trip, so much as I have enjoyed my Kraft Dinners, until I get to Canadia, they will have to wait.

Kraft Dinner


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