Melting down

Starting to think about all the practicalities this evening has added to a building concern.  I don’t think my overall concern is specific, it is just a mixture of anxieties.  

Moving house – I love my little house and have had it for 9 years this year.  I feel worried about leaving it. Although I know I am leaving it in the safe hands of my friend for a year (ish), I feel very over attached.  The biggest upheaval so far is the gradual moving out of my house and this will be done in two weeks.  I am clinging to that last bit of Independence? Normality? Security? before moving home with my parents.  Driving into my road the other day thinking about not seeing my road sign did make me sad.  Would I be a complete loser if I stand a take a photo of it before I go?


Itinerary – I don’t want to go to Canada with a grand itinerary planned, but I think I need to start thinking about where I want to be when.  I have a list of places to go and things to do, shows to attend and exhibits to visit, but need to have a rough plan to make sure I hit the right areas at the right times.  Action point for tomorrow night is to look at this in a bit more detail.

Jobs – this links with the itinerary.  I need to think about getting my CV sorted to take, completing the Smart serve  certification and making contacts in gyms and prisons about potential opportunities.  Which direction do I take and when?  Gym/ fitness job, addictions/ prisons, bar/ restaurant or keep on with lots of HelpXing….. I do potentially want to tick a few of these boxes at different times throughout my year.  I think next weeks job will be to send off some emails and try to start making some links and exploring required qualifications and experience.

Money – I need to keep strong and keep saying no to anything involving spending! People that say it doesn’t need to be expensive to travel are mad!! Just organising renting the house is monumental, let alone insurances, flights and visas.  The overall aim here is Just say No.

Natwest Piggy Banks – saving in style

Something I definitely have enjoyed this evening is looking at different events and shows etc, so when it is less of a night time hour, I may even share a list of my findings.  

Feeling a bit better for getting all this out.  It had to hit me at some point I guess!


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