IEC UK Quota Release Day

I DID IT!  I am now the proud owner of a WTN (World Tracking Number).  

So, what has happened since I last posted?  The time for the IEC quota for the UK to open was announced as 2pm yesterday.  Yesterday morning, I felt fine though little tired after a restless nights sleep – I had dreamt that I was number 4776 in the quota.  As the morning wore on, the sick feeling got worse and worse.  By 1pm, I was definitely snappish!  My housemate came home and gave me a bag of Daim Mini Eggs before backing away and reaching for a Vodka for herself!  

1.30pm – Dad and I were sat by the laptop.  Carefully positioned with him able to look over my shoulder in a non suffocating fashion.  Passwords, user names, security questions all rehearsed.  Dates and date formats checked and double checked.  Passport number triple checked

1.58pm – Kompass account and IEC pages open, constantly hitting the F5 button to refresh

2.00pm – The site hasnt changed, ARGGHH

2.02pm – It is open.  2,500 places.  I cant find the link to register a new Kompass account.  Where is the link?! I cant find it?  HELP ME!

2.02pm – 2.09pm – Go, go, go!  Filling in the form.  Pre-practised security questions and answers out of the window – I tpyed random words in answer to the questions and Dad wrote them down!  The form randomly asked how many letters are in the word CANADA.  This was a potential game changer.  I froze.  I am not good with numbers.  Dad saved the day – SIX

2.09pm – SUBMIT. Breathe. Wait. YESSSS.  Number 1543. 

2.11pm – Checked the IEC page.  All 2,500 places gone

Housemate, Dad and I spent a significant amount of time just sitting and recovering.

Since then….  I have received a Notice of Submission, sent payment ($150), uploaded a CV and picture of my passport.  Now, I wait.  The hardest part is over! 

Today, I had a lovely Indian Head Massage with Mum.  Much needed after recent stress.  Lovely to just lie and relax without worrying and checking pages for dates and times!


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