The day of reckoning

Well, the day is nearly here…. we have a date, we have a time.  Tomorrow at 2pm UK time the first batch of UK visas will be released.  The day the date was announced, the stressed feeling turned to a sick with nerves about applying feeling.  Since then, this has turned to a tired and resigned impatience.  I just want tomorrow to be done, one way or the other.

I WANT IT TO BE MAY.  Less than two months to go and wishing my life, in the coming weeks, away….

More tasks are complete – landlord insurance has been ordered, storage unit for my furniture is nearly finished being built, today I purchased some suitcase organiser bag thingys to try and keep some order when I pack/ unpack, the interviews for who gets my job are next week.

There are some questions –

How will I manage without my cats to cuddle at night ?

How will I manage without my pony to cuddle and chat to when I am sad ?

What if I don’t make any friends in Canada ?

What if I don’t get a job ?

How do I manage to eat lots of tasty Canadian food without putting on the 5 stone I have worked so hard to lose ?!

I am starting to have a few more thoughts about the practicalities now it seems more real.  I am still mostly of the thinking that I’ll just rock up in Canada and all will be well, but the questions are definitely starting to worm their way in.  Eeek.  Eeek is the main thought in my head most of the time!

All that is left to say for tonight is, Wish Me Luck…


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