A spot of pole dancing?

Reflecting on a weekend of food and pole dance.

We all look forward to payday.  I definitely look forward to a food shop that comes hand in hand with payday.  Taking these things happening this weekend into account, there has been a lot of food this week.  Junk food that I mistakenly ordered on purpose with my food shop, a Nandos with my visiting friend from primary school followed by dessert (chocolate fudge brownie sundae) at Frankie and Bennys and then more junk food throughout the weekend.

I have managed to balance the eating with a spot of pole dance.  Saturday night for me involved a sexy pole masterclass.  A chance to put on my heels of questionable taste (plastic platform soled) – I love them!  So much fun dancing and learning moves to link the tricks and make things seem more fluid.  The first time I did a sexy pole class, I felt so awkward, so out of place and mostly stood around wishing I could do what the other girls were doing.  These days, I love it and cant wait to get involved.  There is a lot to be said for the value of forcing myself to overcome the initial anxieties and awkwardness to reach the point I have reached today.  I must remember that despite the joys I have found in sexy pole, Dad has already suggested that pole dancing in Canada is not a suitable money making plan!!  When I told my instructor this, it was lovely of her to say that I would be good to go if I did want to performance dance.  Chufty grin  😀  I am told that the classes in Canada are a lot more sexy pole than our usual classes in Plymouth…. cant wait to see what Toronto has to offer… Should I be afraid?

Sunday:  Armed with aching shoulders and very unhappy leg muscles, Sunday brought to me a master class with the lovely Sarah Scott.  This was my third masterclass with Sarah and as usual it was thoroughly enjoyable and I have some new moves that I cannot wait to try.  If you are reading this as a poler and ever get a chance to attend one of her masterclass, I would say you must grab the opportunity.  They are worth every penny and every time I have come away with something new.  The first time as a spin that will always be referred to as ‘that Sarah Scott spin’, the second class I managed to nail superman and this time it was learning a new version of the Remi.  With the Remi being my absolute favourite pole move, I was delighted to learn a new version – the unhooked Remi.  Didn’t manage to get a very good pic today, but will get one posted when I get a chance.

The weekend has been a welcome break from sitting by a computer waiting for the Visa process to begin.  I will be starting this week with bruises, aches, a sense of achievement and an impatience for the time to pass so I can go to my next pole class.  Oh, and of course a fresh bundle of Visa anxieties just to balance things out!



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