A part of the furniture.

Whilst the seemingly eternal wait for the IEC Visa release goes on, I have been busying myself cancelling things.  Some things such as insurances, TV licence and Virgin package…. my gym membership was a much bigger deal.  Once upon a time, I ate a lot of cake.  Due to my excessive food consumption and lack of exercise, I was 5 stone heavier.  With the help of my Nuffield membership, I feel confident wearing pretty dresses and even started pole dancing fitness classes.  The gym has been one of the biggest constants in my life since I joined some years ago, so when cancelling my membership, I felt emotional about leaving.  One of the biggest things that hit me was how the Manager observed that I have been there a lot for the past few years.  It struck me how I just potter about doing my thing and didn’t realise that someone else who I don’t always chat to that much noticed me there.  The loveliest thing was that she gave me some guest passes so I can still go between the end of my membership and when I leave.

Following along these lines, I have been amazed how the word has spread at work about me leaving.  People from all different departments – some that I know well and some that I barely know at all have commented to me about me leaving and wished me well.  It has been noted that I have become part of the furniture.  I have to say that I like being a part of the furniture.  It has really struck me how little you realise sometimes how much other people notice you.  It is nice.  It has taken me leaving my whole world for a year to realise how I am much less insignificant than I thought.


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