Living with Boxes

It has been a fair old while since my last post, the lack of IEC Visa releases has caused me to throw myself into packing boxes with zero self control.  Life has been a whirl of sourcing and collecting boxes, filling them and depositing at my parents house.  It is amazing how much stuff one person can accumulate!

  • clothes sorted out – car boot, ebay, take to canada, maybe take, loads packed into old suitcases for storage
  • household items sorted and anything not needed packed
  • long sleeved tops and bobble hat – bought and put in box of things to take
  • my cic account – created, resume, passport, photos and forms filled in and uploaded
  • police check – sent off AGAIN
  • sabbatical – confirmed and my job has been advertised, end date agreed
  • gym membership – one months notice given, this is the first scary thing that has happened.  I have to say I felt quite emotional and for the first time, anxiety about it all hit.  This is just the beginning and, whilst I am happily packing now, I feel that the next big take a deep breath moment is only around the corner… when I leave my house to live with the parents again.  I am looking forward to living in my old room on the farm, with family, but I will miss my own home.  Four weeks to go, watch this space…. 
  • house rental – forms filled in, electrical and gas certificates done, tenancy ready to go

The IEC process is so incredibly frustrating, things keep changing, first it is one year, then, two, you need medicals, then dont, its $150, then its $250, its December, then January, then February… It seems to be ridiculous how up in the air this all is, dont they realise this is peoples lives they are messing with?!  I desperately want to seek accomodation, jobs and make some contacts, but I feel I cant do anything.  

Should I just put my New Zealand Working Holiday Visa application in and be done with it?


3 thoughts on “Living with Boxes

  1. Visas for Canada take so long, I felt the same way as you from my visa to the UK (which took about a month before I heard a peep from it). Good luck, I’m sure it will go through, its just the bureaucratic crap that has to send it through the ranks that’s causing delays!


  2. I am currently waiting for the IEC too (currently here as a tourist, waiting for spousal PR which is currently 29 months so I can’t afford not to work!) so I feel you pain. Hopefully soon!


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