Things I will miss about Home

This weekend has been so lovely, there have been times I have wandered why I want to leave the UK.  

A day on the farm never fails to entertain and make me smile and yesterday was no different.  One of my cats will be living on the farm when I go, so I take her for day trips to get used to farm life – my highlight of the weekend has definitely been taking her to meet the cows and her reaction at being licked on the head!!  Alongside this I delivered some boxes – have been packing and packing, it seems never ending and I am now dropping about 6 boxes on the farm for storage every time I visit.

Saturday night – I went to the woods for a 530pm run organised by the National Trust.  A bunch of lunatics wearing head torches running around the mud in pitch black was a fantastic way to spend my Saturday night. Dad was waiting at the finish line, hog roast and then a hot chocolate by the log fire on the farm. 

Sunday – Woke up to a bright blue sky and pottered in my garden with lovely views.  The sun was shining and I gardened, hung washing out and read my book.  A visit from dad to do some dad DIY finished it off nicely.

I feel very sad when I think about leaving my cats behind and just wish that I could take them with me – not having them snuggled up with me in bed is one of the things that I think I will find the hardest about my travels.  I can phone and email everyone else, but even though I chat to my cats, I am fully aware they wont chat back! 

Despite, the wonderful weekend – I have reviewed my ever growing list of things to do in Canada and know that it will all be worth it.  Oh, and this week, I downloaded a count down app!  Less than 90 days until take off…… 


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