Riding the Happy Train

Yesterday, Dad asked me if I feel anxious about going away.  I really dont.  Yet.   I keep expecting something to kick in, but so far, I am just thinking ‘yup I am off to Canada’.  I seem to be taking it all very much in my stride and doing what I do best, planning and researching – as much as possible.  People keep saying that I am brave and that they couldnt do it.  I used to watch others do exciting things and thought to myself, ‘I couldnt do that’ or ‘I could never do that on my own’.  Somewhere along the road, something has changed and at this time I just feel excitement and impatience!  I am sure at some point, I will feel sick to my stomach with nerves, until then, I am just riding the Happy Train!

In other emotional news, the Happy Train is tinged with a bit of sadness.  Typically, careeer wise, I feel like I am my peak.  I really love everything that is happening with my job and there are so many opportunities and doors opening with projects I am involved in.  For this reason, I do feel a little sad that I have had the opportunity to start an amazing project and wont be there to follow it through.  I would love the chance to continue the work I have been doing in Canada and cant wait to explore this possibility if/ when I know more about a Working Visa.  

For the first time in a long time, so much great stuff is happening in my life right now and I am quite content pottering along and waiting for each new adventure.


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