Canadian Food…. I am going to become rather weighty I think!

As you may have noticed from my posts, I do a lot of reading about Canada – this is for two reasons, 1. I am genuinely interested and 2. It stops me annoying those around me too much (WARNING: Show the slighest bit of interest and I will not shut up!).  During my extensive reading, I keep coming accross a few different foods and also people mentioning Tim Hortons.  I thought I would write a bit of a list of the most interesting things I found.  This can serve in part as a list of things I must remember to try – though there are some that I will definitely not be trying! 

  • Tim Hortons – this isnt actually a food, but it is mentioned alot by Canadians and visitors to Canada.  I looked it up to see what it is all about.  From what I can gather, it seems to be the Canadian version of Starbucks?!  I will definitely be checking it out…there must be more to it though?  Also, they seem to sell something called a ‘Double-Double’, research tells me this is coffee with two sugars and two spoons of cream – whilst this seems unnecessary, I kind of wish I liked coffee to try it!
  • Maple Syrup – it would seem that Quebec is the largest producer of Maple Syrup in the world – producing more than 75% of the supply
  • Bacon – bacon is bacon to me, but it does seem to be raved about by Candians….. will it be something to write home about?  Watch this space…
  • Beaver Tail – pastries topped with chocolate/ candy/ fruit.  Looking forward to trying these – not sure if it is like a pop tart or more like a croissant, either way, I’m in!
  • Nanaio Bars – they look like Millionaires Shortbread.  Investigation tells me that they are made with graham-crackers (are these the same as Jacobs?!), coconut, walnuts and chocolate with peanut or mint variations.  I  hope these are sold in lots of places so I can try them – if this is more of a home baking thing, I will need to find someone to bake for me 🙂
  • Game Meat – pretty excited about tasting Reindeer – sorry Rudolph, but thats just how it is
  • Kraft Dinner – I love Macaroni Cheese, so I cannot wait to try this bad boy
  • Montreal Smoked Meat – I havent had a great deal of experience of smoked meat other than bacon, and prefer unsmoked.  I do, however, love a spot of Applewood smoked cheddar, so am up for seeing what the fuss is about with smoked meat
  • Cod Tongue – this seems to be a Newfoundland thing.  I wont be trying it.  I dont like fish, let alone want to try its tongue.  Actually, whilst writing this, I thought do fish even have tongues?  Just looked it up and it is not tongue, it is in fact a bit of flesh from their throat.  Still not trying it
  • Sugar Pie – this seems right up my street.  Also known as Tarte Au Sucre, it is found in Quebec and is a dessert made from a flour pie crust filled with cream, butter and maple syrup.  O.M.G.
  • Sushi Pizza – another one I wont be trying.  I dont like sushi and think pizzas are perfectly fine in their traditional format, just thought this was worth a mention
  • Girl Guide Cookies – we have all seen them on TV, but what is so special about these cookies?  I remember Monica being addicted to these on Friends, looking forward to trying them, though I share the former overweight status with Monica, so addiction is a definiate concern
  • Rappie Pie – a traditional dish made from shredded potatoes with meat and onions.  I love potatoes.
  • Prince Edward Island Potatoes – see previous post.  I have eaten a lot in my life and am looking forward to trying these potatoes that seem to be considered top notch, not just in Canada, but accross the world
  • Poutine – one of my favourites so far, however, it is a favourite in England as well.  It is chips, cheese and gravy.  I eat this often.  I love it.  I am almost disappointed to discover this Poutine people speak of is fairly common in the UK, espeically with the Nothern folk.  I like where the word comes from though – a variation of other words that mean hodgepodge, mixture of various things or bad stew
  • Speculoos – cant wait for this one.  You know the caramelised biscuits you often get on the saucer when you buy a posh coffee?  It is a spread made from them!  A peanut butter alternative. I LOVE peanut butter, but cant wait to see what this has to offer
  • Jellied Moose Nose – errrr…. what?!

I also kind of like the idea of have a cheesy fondue in the snow, so that should definitely be a goal of mine – not included with a bullet point as it didnt come up in any of my research as much of a ‘thing’ in Canada.  Basically, my conclusion is that I will need a supersize seat for my flight home!!!!


7 thoughts on “Canadian Food…. I am going to become rather weighty I think!

  1. ok i really could not resist to comment on this post I love food way too much!

    Tim Hortons – Starbucks is way better! Sorry Tim Horton fans.
    Maple Syrup – we use it in everything it’s our staple sweetener in the house definitely have some waffles with real maple syrup. If you are here when they collect the syrup March – April go to a sugar bush because that is the best way to eat maple syrup. Freshly boiled and poured on snow to turn it into candy.
    Bacon – We have canadien bacon also know as back bacon totally different then regular bacon. – We don’t eat this.
    Beaver Tail – I wish i could still eat these they are so yummy
    Nanaio Bars – once again I wish i could still eat these they are so yummy
    Game Meat – could not tell you never had enough courage to try some
    Kraft Dinner – not worth your money in my opinion but 1000s love it
    Cod Tongue – never tried
    Sugar Pie – O.M.G best desert on earth – i cheat my diet to eat these a few times a year
    Sushi Pizza – never heard about it and I am Canadian???
    Girl Guide Cookies – mint chocolate ones are the addictive ones.
    Rappie Pie – I grew up eating these but have not in ages
    Prince Edward Island Potatoes – yup they are yummy
    Poutine – there is a version of poutin in canada that is only know to Acadiens (french from the east cost) google Acadien Poutin.
    Speculoos – never heard of it
    Jellied Moose Nose – errrr…. what?! – any meat that has been jellied should not be eaten I say 🙂

    Have fun trying new foods!

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    • Back bacon’s more popular in my house, but i know a lot prefer regular too. Timmies is cheap, but a good sugar fix especially on campuses (don’t get sucked into it). Yea I’ve never heard/tried of half those things either, but I’m from Ontario haha. Definitely miss nanaimo bars, those things are amazing. And girl guide cookies are overpriced, can get the same thing in grocery store 😉 Bargain hunter for life.


  2. Loved the Kraft Mac & Cheese comment! Sure tastes good and cheap but its nothing like real homemade baked Mac & Cheese. Nonetheless its an American staple especially for kids! Apparently for Canadians too. Some of that other stuff I’ve never heard of. I’m from Michigan so not far from Canada. Girl Scout cookies on the other hand I am intimately familiar with! Yum!!!


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