One way ticket to Canada please

I DID IT!  Today, I booked my flight to Canada.  I am terribly excited and just have to wait a few months.  

Did I somehow get a working holiday IEC visa I hear you ask?  No.  So, if I dont manage to get my visa when they are released, I hope to fly to Canada, enter as a tourist, maybe do some wwoofing (volunteer work on a farm in return for food and accomodation) for a couple of months and then fly to New Zealand for a working holiday (if they will have me!).  If I get my IEC in the meantime, happy days.

Now that it is definitely happening and I am going to Canada in some sort of unknown capacity at this point – I feel so much more settled.  I am getting on the plane and that is it!

I have booked to fly with Air Transat.  I read a blog recently reviewing different airlines and found it really useful listing the pros and cons, the seating and the luggage.  I booked with STA Travel who were really helpful and am now also sorted out with a travel cashcard – this means I can pay with a card in Canada or New Zealand without extra charges, and can transfer money onto it without paying.  The downside is paying £2.25 to withdraw cash, but I think the good definitely outweighs this.  Anyway, back to the flight, it was £350 and I need to pay a bit extra to upgrade so I get extra baggage – I will ring and do this tomorrow but do not anticipate it being more than an extra £50 or £60.  I hand in mind £400 so I am happy with this.  I’M GOING TO CANADA!

I redid my nails tonight in celebration of the booking of the flight and now have a classic french manicure with a maple leaf on one nail!  


11 thoughts on “One way ticket to Canada please

  1. Awesome!! Canada sounds quite exciting but no offense nothing compared to the land of the hobbits! My two best friends did work and travel there (more or less travel and po… Ehm) and I’m always near tears when I’m looking at these breathtaking pictures 😀 have fun!


  2. Whereabouts in Canada are you heading? The experience is so different depending on where you go, hell I’m from there and I’ve barely seen most of it 🙂 Wherever it is, hope you love it!


    • Toronto mainly, then Kingston, Montreal, Nova Scotia hopefully. And if I get a work visa, I hope to head over to the West Coast next year for short period. Any tips on what to see?! Always like to have a local perspective if you can recommend anything to add to my list!


  3. Hi there i’m looking at goin to Canada this year too, hopefully starting in Toronto and then moving around to Vancouver whilst taking advantage of seeing some US cities too 🙂 what part of Devon are you from? i’m in Cornwall! xx


  4. OMG! i feel as though i’m like the only one going from round here! i’m in Bude so not too far away, not quite foreigners 🙂 i’d love to go out for the summer but i don’t think i’ll have enough money so i may just stay were i am and then wait until October i think, i just can’t wait that long!! xx


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