UPDATE to Cliched blog about gym, motivation and weight loss before Canada

Since 4th January, I have hammered the gym, addressed my, quite frankly astounding, daily calorie intake and adjusted to a sensible intake.  I would like to report that moving more and and eating less hasnt worked – well actually, it has, but not quite to the extent I had hoped.  I have lost three pounds.  I realise that it is silly to be disappointed about this as it is still three pounds in the right direction – but as I stepped on the scales today, I had hoped deep down for nearer to 5 in total.  Actually, as I am writing this, I am not sure what I am disappointed about really, 3 pounds is great!

What I wanted to do at the time?  Go home, mope, binge, moan.  What I did?  4 miles on the treadmill followed by some weights.  I then went to Weight Watchers.  I havent been for a while and it was really lovely to have a welcoming and friendly reception.  Thank goodness for Gold membership so I can come and go as I pleased when I need a push to get back on the motivation wagon.

This week, it was announced that the working holiday visas for Canada are not going to be released this month.  It now says mid February at the earliest.  I am looking into other options, but still have faith in the Canadian dream.

I feel like I havent said a lot here on interest, but actually feel less disappinted about the 3 pounds already because although this week was only half a pound, 3 in total is good.  I have signed up for a night run in a couple of weeks, so that should keep me going – I should probably practice running with a head torch in preparation!  And the IEC delay, I have other options and just need to be a bit more versatile with my plans.  In fact, for someone who is a definite planner and, okay I hold my hands up, can be a bit rigid at times, it is probably good for me to learn to be a bit more adaptable. Maybe.

Onwards and upwards.  

To do –

  • Continue to hammer gym
  • Explore other Canada and Working Holiday options
  • Attend and complete night run in February

What cliched January blog is complete without a cheesy motivational picture…..?


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