Complaining about the cold, yet I want to move to Canada?!

Well this morning I woke up freezing cold, the hot water bottle was luke warm and the cat was wedged in a position meaning he could get heat from both the hot water bottle and my body.  Neither of us wanted to move.  Unfortunately, I had work and he was able to laze in bed for the day.  Not about to be beaten, I layered up, knee high socks, two vests, a long sleeve top, a tshirt, a hoody, scarf, thick coat and gloves (kindly knitted for me by a friend from work which makes them extra special, Thanks our Trace).  By this point, I was barely able to bend my arm to de-ice the car.  I skidded my way accross the moors to work, slid over the paths on foot to the office and proceeded to spend the day complaining about the cold.  AND I WANT TO MOVE TO CANADA FOR A YEAR?! I have no idea how I will manage this!!  There is only one person who can really sum up how I have felt today….. how many of you fellow Big Brother addicts remember this….. 

“I’m so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD” – Nikki Grahame 2008


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