The inner turmoil of the waiting game

I have almost reached breaking point.  I have come to the eventual conclusion that the reason for the long wait to apply for the IEC working holiday in Canada is to test your patience, endurance and how much you want it.  Some will inevitably drop out and decide to go elsewhere, some will actually lose the plot.  Why will they lose the plot?  Well, if anyone else is like me, I am not sleeping, I am grouchy, irritable, snappish, anxious, frustrated.  Give it 5 minutes though and I stop thinking about waiting for applications to open and become excited, nervous, impatient and twitchy (in a good way).  

If I get sectioned because of my behaviour in the run up, will someone still put my application in for me?? 

One of the things that keeps me going is speaking to the really lovely people on the facebook forums and on blogs.  It is so nice to have people to chat to that know how this feels and that share some similar dreams and aspirations.  We could all be eyeing each other up as the competition for the quota spaces, but instead we are looking out for each other and sharing stories, goals and anxieties.  

I think it may be time to check the site to see if there are any announcements of opening dates again, it has definitely been at least 15 minutes since I last checked….


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