Retail therapy to take the edge off the IEC waiting game

What is the best thing to do with ones time when anxious, frustrated and stressed?  ‘Shop” I hear you say.  That is exactly what I have been doing to help manage the frustrations that go with being the idiot that wants to go to Canada.  I say idiot because I am now convinced that any normal person, upon discovering that drama that is the application/ IEC process, would pick another country and be on their merry way.  I am trying so hard to want to go elsewhere and to find things in New Zealand that appeal to me, but so far, it is not working.  What did work temporarily in relieving my mind from this drama is a spot of online shopping.  This weekend I have become the proud owner of some new items.  Im not sure that shopping is the best idea when I am supposed to be saving for the Canada dream, but here goes….

Happy Socks – I walked past a stand selling Happy Socks in John Lewis in November.  They really are the happiest socks I have ever seen.  I had some fantastic knee high polka dots for christmas that I am also in love with, but still had a desire for these ridiculously expensive, very happy socks.  “SALE” – the word that made me happier than the sight of the afore mentioned socks!  I now have 5 pairs, they are too special for me to wear and are still in their box looking Happy.

Digital luggage scales – a practical purchase for the Canadian dream.  I have the scales, I have the luggage, GET ME A VISA!

Toronto guide book – I have the scales, I have the luggage, I have the guide book, GET ME A VISA!  (I must note here that whilst this guide book is very thorough, it provides little joy as a pre read as it is lists of places with addresses in catagories in order of ranking, there are no pictures or actual explanations, not what I thought when I gave them my £12.89 – I do like a good picture)

I also went a bit wild and bought a compact towel that I can take with me if I cant fit a normal one in, a random book of poems that I love and a new shellac colour.  Does life get any more exciting?



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