Mission complete – cinema trip for one

Last week I decided that I would set myself the personal challenge of doing three things on my own that I would normally do with friends.  This would serve two purposes – 1.  Prepare me for doing things on my own in Canada and 2.  Help overcome the personal issues I have with worrying what others think too much.  I suppose actually the third would be to gain enjoyment from whatever the activity is.  So, I completed the first part of the mission – going to the cinema on my own.

I checked the times last night, picked a 5.45pm showing so not too busy.   I got myself some sweets to munch on and made the decision that I would get the tickets from an actual person rather than cheating and going to the machine – this way I had to say to a person that I wanted one ticket.  Well, guess what?  When I asked for one ticket, noone said anything, the lady at the till didnt ask where my friends were or why I was alone.  When I went into the screen, the ticket person was normal and nothing scary happened! I walked into an almost empty massive cinema screen and saw about 6 sets of couples dotted around – this gave me a momentary lapse in confidence walking in alone, but I made it to my seat.  By this point, I was good, “I can do this”.  Off came the shoes, I had noone sat near me so I could put my feet up and snuggle with my Chewits and Refreshers.  The film ended and I had noone to consult before deciding whether to go home, get food or get a drink.  There was no awkward good bye or any of the kissing worries that come at the end of a date.  I came home and continued about my evening.

In summary, going to the cinema alone was not the scary experience I thought it would be.  I enjoyed just taking time for myself to see a film I wanted and I cant wait to do it again.  Sorry friends, but sometimes, I might just want to go on my own.  

I am not completely cured of worrying what others think (if only it were that easy), but I have discovered a new hobby I can do solo if I choose to and know that right now, I am lucky enough to have great friends to go with when I want to.  

I suppose I should mention the film – Taken 3.  Loved the first two films, loved the third!  Lots more action and and car chases (if possible!) than the first two.  I think it did get a lot of criticism from the people who apparently know about films – but from the ley person that saw it, I loved it!!


3 thoughts on “Mission complete – cinema trip for one

  1. I love this! It’s so refreshing to do things on your own without having to consult anyone else. I still carry around the ticket stub from the first movie I saw by myself – To Rome with Love – as a reminder that I have no need to fear independence!

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