“How was your Christmas?” 

“Manners dont cost a thing’.  I have heard this a number of times, in fact I have said it countless times myself when I encounter rudeness.  This week, I feel that it would be polite to say to people ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘How was your Christmas?’, but I have resisted the urge to do this to be polite…. I am so over the Happy New Year thing.  I dont want to sound like a bah humbug as I LOVE Christmas, BUT, it is done, gone and a new year.  Lets move on.  I dont want to ask how some peoples Christmases were because I dont care.  Then there is the usual, ‘good thanks, you?’, ‘yeh good, feels like ages ago’, ‘great’.  The End.  So despite knowing that it is polite to ask, I am going to stay true to myself and not bother asking.  I am not being rude, but lack the desire to spend my life standing around chatting when I just dont care what the other person has to say.  Does anyone else find themselves just switching off?  And starting to avoid people so you dont have to make polite conversation? This year, I am going to be more true to myself and spend time chatting to and with the people that I really care about.  Oh, apart from going to the other side of the world for most of the year.  But, until then.

Rant over.

Ps.  How was your Christmas?


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