What does a Murderer put on their Social Network?

Well today I have spent more time looking into Air B&B and what accommodation is out there, and looking at what there is in some different areas.  This always raises some concerns for me – I look at rooms and think well what if the guy that is renting it is a weirdo? does the room have hidden cameras or peep holes in it?  Are the nice friendly looking couple actually renting the room or is it a creepy murderer?  Is this lovely room affordable to lure me into a trap?  We have all seen Hostel…. (if you havent, I loved all the films and recommend them).  In addition to the Hostel films, there is Taken.  Now, after my concerns earlier today around accommodation, I am not entirely sure that this was a sensible film to watch before bed.  I have therefore taken the sensible precaution of looking at some tips for the ladies.  Here are a few that I particularly liked – some to do with safety and some I just thought sounded like a good idea.

  • Leave a note in your room saying where you are going in case anything happens to you
  • Dont stand around looking at a map looking lost, look at it before hand if you can
  • Know roughly how long taxi journeys should take and only use reputable companies
  • Dont wear lots of flash jewellery or have too much cash on you
  • Lock bags and cases
  • Wear bags around to the front of the body
  • Go for a meal or to the cinema alone at home before going – if you are a lone traveller or meetings friends, there will be times when you are not with others.  It is good to be comfortable with these situations before you depart – in January, I am going to try to do 3 random solo activities that I would usually do with a friend – cinema is the obvious one, but seems a bit daunting, I may try a tea and cake situation first
  • There is a saying tht “strangers are just friends you havent met yet”.  This is a tricky one, you want to meet people and make friends, but just be wary of what information you give ou etc about yourself and where you are staying
  • Know who to call if there is a problem
  • Finally, my personal favourite and one that I will definitely be doing – PACK A DOOR WEDGE – if you have an inward opening dor you can then wedge yourself in.  I think this idea is GENIUS

Along with these things, just being aware of what is going on around you and not leaving drinks or bags unattended can save you from being a victim of crime.

All in all, I suppose none of us will ever know in advance if there is an ulterior motive behind that nice profile on the rent a room sites, hostel pages or the well dressed seemingly pleasant hotelier.  Does the nice lady want to kill us?  Does the man that offered to carry our bag just want to steal it?  Are the friendly couple going to chop us into little pieces?  Am I being paranoid with my heeby jeebies feeling or is that man actually a peeping tom?  It is all about assessing, managing and reducing risk.  I did want to share these thoughts and concerns as well as the tips I picked up through my browsing above.  Perhaps I just watch too many films and books that have made me wary and a little cynical?  One thing I do know is that I will be fully stalking the profiles and social media linked with anywhere I intend to stay before confirming – does this make me one of the weirdos that I am trying to avoid?


2 thoughts on “What does a Murderer put on their Social Network?

  1. Hehe this made me chuckle, know what you mean though. Have used AirB&B a lot now and it’s been great but my fear is always that we’ll get tbere and find the house doesn’t exist!

    Good luck getting your visa!


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