Cliched blog about Gym, Motivation and Weight Loss before Canada.

Well, this is it, everything I need to do before going back to work tomorrow has now been done.  After writing this, I may even get ahead of the game and lay out some clothes so I can sleep a bit longer and dress without engaging my brain enough to even open a drawer!

I have been toying for a lot of the day when on the computer with whether to to share what is on my mind today…. it is mainly about being focused to get fit.  I feel like that is such a cliche and everyone out there is tweeting about exercise, taking photos of trainers or heart rate monitors on Instagram and posting their new found motivation on Facebook.  This aside, it seems I am doing it.

I am determined to get off that plane in Canada in May looking good and feeling good… I want to give the idea that Britain is not full of booze and takeaways, I hope to portray the illusion that it is full of babes!  I may also need to be able to run fast to get away from Bears….. or scary murderers that want me to rent their room….

Therefore, today is the day to start getting back into shape, lose weight and get healthy.  For the past year, the weight has been slowly creeping back on and with no signs of stopping, the size 10s are a distant dream, the size 14s a very real disappointment.  Whilst I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a size 14, after losing 5 and a 1/2 stone a few years ago, my recent 1 and a 1/2 stone gain shows a distinct lack of control.

Circuits today, Aqua Aerobics tomorrow, Running Tuesday, Pole Fit Wednesday, Running Thursday and Fri and Sat will be whatever I feel like doing.  I have recruited friends to join me for lots of these activities to ensure I stick with it.  I have batch cooked a number of healthy meals.

Fingers crossed this mission will help in some way to take my mind of the IEC waiting process that I cant stop banging on about!!  I am literally losing sleep over it now :-/

Let the mission commence….

Fit Not Fat.


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