Writing  lists, researching, writing more lists

2015 so far, well after spendingmost of the day feeling sorry for myself after a self inflicted hangover, I finally managed to eat some Papa Johns pizza and do something with the day following Eastenders.  Now, I am in the vicious trap of being wide awake and productive when I should be sleeping!  Will I ever learn??  Did have a great night though seeing the New Year in with two of my best and longest serving friends. 

So this evening, I looked at my Canada notebook, upated my lists (love a list, my world is full of them!) and thought Id start filling in some blanks on my allocated insurance pages.  Insurance.  So, before going away, it seems I need travel insurance, landlord insurance, boiler insurance and to cancel my car insurance.  Noone pre warns you of quite how tedious ‘grown up’ jobs can be.  I flew through the landlord insurance and boiler insurance, wrote down the details to call about my car insurance tomorrow and then set about the travel insurance.  

First task, obviously to post for some advice on the Canda Working Holiday Facebook groups – only one reply as everyone else it seems is more sensible with their time management and waking hours.  Travel insurance quotes seem to be coming in around the £700 region.  Am horrified.  Try another site.  Same results.  Is this normal? I dont know as noone is up to reply….. emailed friends brother who is travelling in Australia to ask what his cost – bit stalkerish (never met the guy), but checked and its day time there, so anticipated a quick reply.  Clearly he has a life and I will have to wait patiently until tomorrow for one.  Anyway basically the travel insurance people want to charge me an extra £60 on top of the basic £350 for baggage to be insured, £70 for winter sports – Im going to Canada and hope to encounter a lot of SNOW, so I need this, individual item cover is £60 extra and lastly the adventure sports package.  I decided the extreme adventure sports wasnt for me.  I can live without paragliding. 

So the adventure sports package – do I need it?  Yes, it covers me for horse riding, mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing, fell running (I dont know exactly what this is but I like to run so think I need it), bungee jumping, snorkelling, shark diving and shooting.  I have never done anything like bungee jumping.  I enjoy anything a bit kamikaze at pole fitness classes, but not sure we are in the same league here, however, I like to think that I will try lots of new and exciting things whilst I have this opportunity – so I need to be covered to bungee.  Horse riding is one I definitely intend to do – I see myself exploring parks and forests on ‘horse back’ as they say in Canda (well on TV).  Shooting is one that I am very excited about.  It is worth paying for the insurance for this alone, because if some idiot is gunna ricochet a bullet and accidentally shoot themself, it will be me.  VERY excited about finding a shooting range.  It is a little known fact about me that many years ago, when I was a member of Pony Club, I did shooting and absolutely loved it – as an adult (?), I just never managed to find anywhere to do it in Devon.  There are places, but it seems you cant just rock up and say ‘hi, Id like to shoot some stuff’.  So, in short, I need all this insurance. Pfft.  Am now very excited about the shooting again!  So, it is between True Traveller and Flexicover who may be cheaper, but I need to check they cover a few things not itemised first.

Now armed with a realistic idea of the costs, I wrote a new list.  Things to sell.  Armed with my new research, new lists and a list of facts to find tomorrow, I think it is time to try and sleep, action stations will resume first thing.  


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