Monotony and Hypocrisy on the road to the Canadian Dream

During the 28 years of my life to date, there have been many occasions where I have held my tongue (and a fair few when I havent!) when forced to endure monotonous conversations with others.  Most recently, when I met someone who was going travelling,he was excited about his travels, but spent ALL the time talking about it – ”When I’m in Australia… blah blah blah” eventually I had to resort to a constant response of ‘oh, are you going traveling?” in a sarcastic tone.  Now, I was pleased for him, and pleased he was looking forward to it, but I always promised myself that I would not do this to others now I have my Canada plans.  It would seem that this has not been possible.  I find myself talking about it again and again, ”When I’m in Canada….”, ‘Next year….” etc etc.  I can hear myself doing it, sense the repetitive nature and risk of driving people away from conversation with me, but still I continue!  I am so terribly excited, I cant shut up about it.  So, right now, I think everyone that is involved in any interaction with me deserves a medal for putting up with me and my excitement, fears, nerves, dramas, stories about Air B&B, bears, suitcases, jobs and the IEC process.  I am a self confessed hypocrite.  Will I be stopping this behaviour any time soon?  What do you think?

Todays Canada based activities –

Shellac – practising painting the Canadian flag with Shellac so that when the time is right, I can have Canada nails.  I anticipate this being the day I get accepted.  This was a fun venture, needs some more practice but definitely on the right track – watch this space…

Pole – learning of a pole show in Toronto a couple of weeks after I intend to arrive.  It looks right up my street.  Nice to have an event to look forward to.  This gives me an immediate project on arrival – find a friend who also likes living life upsie down to go with!  

Jobs – I started looking at different jobs today using the kijiji website that everyone speaks of on the IEC pages.  Really useful to get an idea of what is around.  I have been looking at jobs in the the addictions fields, gyms or in a bar.  There seem to be lots of things around – this puts my mind at ease.  Also going to complete the Smart Serve, Ontario online training for people serving alcohol to get something extra on the CV.  I also learnt today that my Resume needs to have the dates in Canadian date format – now I know this, it seems obvious!  This is a job for tomorrow….

Anxiety – the IEC forums are a hive of anxiety and nerves.  The websites keep changing slightly or closing for maintenance – this is creating emotional rollercoasters in the under 31s in the UK with a Canadian dream.  I have everything ready to go, just have to wait, along with thousands of other hopefuls.  I write this in the hope that next week, I wont end up writing a blog titled ‘Disappointmet and Devastation in Devon’.  Fingers crossed that next week is the week.

For now, I am going to raid the fridge – the best way to deal with the unknowns right now seems to be to seek somethiing sweet.  Yesterday in Sainsburys, I spotted a new GU treat, a chocolate milkshake that can be microwaved for hot chocolate.  I dont even know how I want it, but I am off to make one decision that I have complete control over.  Hurrah.


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