Travel vs Travelling – ”I am not going travelling”

A conversation I seem to keep having at the moment is about whether I am going travelling.  To me, travelling to work or travelling to the gym is a local journey, but when used in a less specific way such as ‘travelling around India’ or ‘going travelling’ – it brings up images of grubby and sweaty looking people carrying a backpack and sleeping in shared accommodation such as *hushed tones* Hostels.  I also think of the horror that Will highlights in the Inbetweeners second film – people sitting around campfires with dreadlocks, friendship bracelets and playing the guitar – these images of people who are ‘travelling’ or ‘finding themselves’ horrify me.

Next year, I do not intend to go travelling, I hope to travel.  I hope that this infers my preference for a private room, no singing around a campfire, regular washing and I certainly intend to keep my hair clean.  Oh and a backpack? Did you read The Suitcase Saga?! (did a dummy pack and weigh today and 100% happy, house mate also tested roll-ability and feel, this is ‘the one’ – I now have peace of mind and it can live in the loft until I have a plane to catch, anyway, I have digressed….) This is not to say I have anything against those who go travelling, but it is not for me.  A working holiday is much more my scene and not travelling.

Linking with this, people keep saying, you wont need to take much… I am going away. For a year. To live.  Yes, I will need to take as many belongings as I can.  I also keep on hearing, ‘oh, you are still planning to go then?’ Yes, of course I am… Other people seem to do things like this all the time and it is making me question things rather a lot how many people seem so confused by me doing it.  Does this say something about me? or them?

On another note, I took the Christmas decs down today.  It was a little sad thinking I wont see some of my favorites for two years because hopefully NEXT CHRISTMAS I WILL BE IN CANADA! Pretty excited about that.  I packed the decs and sealed the boxes ready for storage.  I then dropped the box of baubles.  A tentative shake confirms the worst.  Left it sealed, I will deal with that in 2 years.


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