So, something that I have gained a growing fascination with is Bears.  I wanted to look into the animals and wildlife in Canada and, as I see myself spending time when I go there visiting parks, hiking and the like, I felt bears would be a good starting point. 

I ordered this book —-> Bear attacks in Canada – was fantastic and I may even read it again before I go
Like every avid learner, I set time aside to begin it when I could properly digest – in the bath with a packet of Maltesers – 2 hours later, evicted when housemate needed to use the loo.  Clearly, I was immediately hooked on the subject and have spent much of my time since googling bear attacks (morbid curiosity), reading articles and watching youtube clips.
I have learnt that it is not always advisable to play dead when being attacked by a bear – my research tells me that with predatory bear attacks, it will simply begin to eat you if you play dead, then bury whats left to eat later.  Back packs are an issue of some debate – keeping it on protects your back, but throwing it on the floor may distract the bear from attacking…. I know not to take heavily scented products when camping in bear areas, to set up cooking and toilet facilities away from the tents and not to set the tents up in a circle in case a bear wanders into the middle and feels trapped….  bears can climb trees, outrun humans and are not for cuddling.  They also swim.  Whilst I do see myself donning khaki (as per I’m a celebrity) and walking socks for treks in the forest, I will now also be carrying bear spray and safety equipment.  Given my love of food – I will need to be particularly mindful of ensuring it is all in airtight containers – I am not having ‘some bear’ stealing my stash.
Now on my ‘to do’ list – go on a supervised expedition to see some Bears.
In other bear news, did you know Winnie The Pooh is based on a real life bear named Winnipeg.  Obviously, I have ordered a book on him….. hurry up Amazon!
In conclusion to my thoughts about bears, I have shared some of the bear clips I have found for anyone that shares my fascination…
Thats all for now, I hope that others enjoy the bears and their stories, as much as I am. If you also get the bug, please do comment with clips, stories or links that I (or others) may enjoy….

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