The Suitcase Saga

Moved from my Tumblr account – I appear to have been in a somewhat manic state when writing this.

Suitcases. What kind of luggage does one need for a working holiday I hear you ask, well, actually you may not be concerned with this at all. I am. There are those people that will have the ability to be incredibly blasé when it comes to luggage – “I’ll see what I need nearer to the time”, they say, “I won’t need much”, “a giant backpack”, “a holdall on wheels”, “I can buy things out there”. These statements are my worst nightmare – I am not high maintenance, but…. I need to know how much space I have, I don’t want to rely on buying things out there – what if I cant find what I want and I certainly don’t need a backpack in my life! Therefore, suitcases have become a subject big enough in my world to warrant their own post!

The process began with researching the luggage allowance for each airline I may end up on, deciding to pay for an extra bag as the extra bag seems cheaper than buying things out there. Phew. A firm decision made. I now have details of airlines, which airports they fly from, hand and checked luggage allowances and costs in my notebook. I clearly have too much time on my hands.

Airline research complete, time to read blogs and websites to find reviews and advice on the type of luggage I should take. The results are in… It would appear a holdall on wheels is best – lightweight and takes up little space when empty. Visit to the shops in the run up to Christmas to play with luggage – glorious. The madness in the gift aisles has not extended to the holiday shop and I am free to wheel cases around to my hearts content. I don’t like the holdalls on wheels. Panic, do I go against what my research has told me is the best option? Deliberation, more wheeling around. Suitcase and normal holdall that attach together located. I can transport these along with maximum amount of stuff packed without too much difficultly. In the sale AND extra 10% off if ordered before midnight. Winner! My nan would be very proud of my bargain.

Luggage sorted. At this point, I must point out that the quota has not been released for IEC Canada – I may not even get to go there, but I have a suitcase, so I can go somewhere!

Shown luggage to mum and dad, still reluctant to commit, this seems a big decision, what if it’s too big?! Why can’t I make a decision? I like the colour – grape. I kind of hoped for polka dot luggage. None of the sensible brands or stores had any. Grape is good though. Why is this such a big deal to me?

Maybe I should fill it before taking of the labels, weigh it and see how I feel?

Why have I written 500 words on buying a suitcase?!


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