Can you stalk a country?

When hoping to move to another country, a great use/ waste of time is definitely to research facts, tips and areas. Cue, obsessive downloading of apps of this nature. I now need a folder called “Canada” for all the apps I am the proud owner of.

What have I picked up? For starters, Canada is over 80 times bigger than the UK, but with half the population. Canada is just a little smaller than the whole of Europe. When I began this process I had zero concept of its size – I thought I’d potter about and explore it all similar to a walk on Dartmoor (Though I fear Dartmoor is also bigger than I give it credit for). With my new knowledge, I may have to rethink my pottering and consider scheduled adventures.

Dad is on board with the learning – caught him googling Canada and reading about the 7 wonders of Canada. We are now a pair of Canada groupies – if I don’t get a place in Canada, this knowledge is going to be really random and maybe a little stalkerish. Can you be a stalker of a country?

A fun app for any potential country stalkers, the ‘Geo Canada’ app (also available for other countries). The app helps you learn the areas and cities of Canada in a variety of fun quizzes and interactive games. This is addictive and it works. I now have a much better knowledge of Canadas geography than my home city, county, country.

Coming soon… Bears… and I have to say, I am pretty excited about sharing my bear thoughts X


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